1st time small size retreat inside Taoist temple and caves,

guided by Taoist Master Wang Liping in April 5th--14th, 2012


Non-Profit Organization, Lao Zi Academy



There is coming a confirmed Taoist Master Wang Liping guiding SMALL SIZE ADVANCED RETREAT in Taoist JINHUA (Golden Flower) mountain.

DATE:  April 5th -14th, 2012. This is the 1st time small size retreat inside Taoist temple and caves. The cost is very reasonable and affordable.


PRICE:   EU1800 or equal USD$ 2500 (tuition and translation fee only)    + lodge, meal etc.  You may get more detailed information at here.


LOCATION:   The temple homepage in Chinese: ,

                             Past public retreat in English:


This is a SMALL SIZE RETREAT in Taoist JINHUA (Golden Flower) mountain . The Taoist temple is located at beautiful southern China (Jinhua city, Zhejiang province).   During the past 20 years, Master Wang taught many times to more than thousands students in this temple. This is the 1st time small size class inside Taoist temple and caves. 


For some friends attended the last April or December retreat.  For sure, this "in Taoist cave" training will improve your level very much. Just like "crop cultivation", your "golden flower" initiated last time; it will sprout in this spring time.   So, don't miss this spring retreat. Time point is very important.


Students will live in new building -- the "Alchemy House", where is in walking distance to both Chao-Zhen and Shuanglong Taoists ancestor's practicing caves. The "Alchemy house" is very clean and well equipped with bathroom, internet, new furniture... Taoist foods will be supplied. The foods are very good.



Find teaching Syllabus @ here . Each time, Master Wang will adjust teaching contents based on student's questions and interests. According to Master's communication with us, because we are moving to the Taoist mountain, he will release new stuffs different with all the other small size retreats.


If you want to book tickets, please booking April 4th arriving and 15th leaving ticket to either of these closed cities:
a). Shanghai pudong  airport (code: PVG) or Hongqiao airport  (code: SHA) .
b). Hangzhou airport(code: HGH). 
c). yiwu airport
(code: YIW).
Then take airport shuttle or train (1-3Hr.) to the destination. 
Airport shuttle information in Chinese:
Train information in Chinese: 

 If you need help on finding international flight ticket deals, please let us know (email: .


REFRENCES:  To read scientific article about Traditional Taoism Training, please visit here.



Start from 2007, as part of its ongoing efforts to introduce the traditional Chinese Taoism culture and health cultivation practice to the western world, Lao Zi Academy successfully organized many "Taoist Master Wang Liping’s Inner Alchemy (Nei-Dan) Private Training Classes" . An on-site Inner Alchemy training session with Master Wang Liping was successfully completed on April 16-25, 2011.  We have 14 foreign students (count by passport , home countries are varying from Northern America, Southern America, Europe, Africa, to South Asia, etc. ) and 5 China domestic students in this class. The successful completion of this April retreat initiates a good start for our 2011 series of events including Master Wang's public or private teaching classes, Dragon Gate retreat in USA and on-line meet-up sessions.



Syllabus of Master Wang's Inner Alchemy (Nei-Dan) Training Classes:


1. Registration:  

Genuine Dao seekers contacted to Lao Zi Academy ( and signed up through our website:


 2. On-site training:


2.1 Early morning walking arts: ~ 1hr Natural Qi Exchanging Walking. Following is Master Wang walking together with us.



2.2 Day time seminar and mediation session: 2 sessions (~3 hours/session) of Traditional Taoists Inner Alchemy teaching and practicing in the morning and afternoon. High level inner alchemy sitting meditation is guided by Master Wang. Following figures show the students' drawing seen by their 3rd eyes during their 1-2 hrs long meditation. Master Wang normally makes very clear explanations and indications for the students' writing questions. Master Wang said: "the ancient Taoists training techniques were developed and experienced for thousands years, the old ways for teaching are keep secret and not clearly indicate the key points. It's not fair for the students." Please see this link for an article titled "Wang Liping Teaching Openly - Why is this important ? "



2.3 Evening moving arts: ~ 1hr tree balancing practice.


Please check this link:


2.4 Night sleeping arts: the Master will remotely meditate and guide students during their sleeping with some special posture.


Please check this link:


3. On-line meet-up:


Please check this link:



Except for assisting Master Wang's year round "Inner Alchemy" retreat, Lao Zi Academy is working on summarizing and editing Master Wang's teaching. We are lucky to have many hearty and wealthy attendants in our classes, it would benefit Master Wang's willing to help people by bringing the traditions, practices and secrets of Taoism to the West.

Many of us experienced opening our Dan-Tian (Elixir Field), seeing our goldern flower (spirit light). More magical, many students experienced their long term wishes come to true, even for their previous business difficulties, some miraculous changes happened while they were doing this 10 days Taoist traning. Articles about the training experiences of students are being prepared, and will be shared with you soon .......


1. Students seen their "golden flower":

2. Retreat updates:


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