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The Lao Zi Academy was conceived by Taoist  Master Wang Liping , who is willing to help people by bringing the traditions, practices and secrets of Taoism to the West.

We believe that Taoist culture is a treasure of humanity that is irreplaceable and critical to the preservation of wellness and balance in the world. Between the rapid modernization of China and lack of awareness in the West, the traditional seats of Taoism, its preservation and its continuity are being threatened.

The Academy creates and delivers curricula and accredited programs in Taoist philosophy and practices, sponsors conferences, trips and other educational events to promote Chinese and American cultural exchange. The Academy educates Westerns and Chinese who want to learn more about each other. For Americans who are interested in learning ancient Chinese health cultivation practices, Taoist philosophy and martial arts or conducting business in or touring China, the foundation serves as a clearinghouse and arranges various events. The Academy advises Chinese on how they might participate in the American economy by better learning English, American laws, customs and business practices.

The Founding Of The Lao Zi Academy


With the progress and development of human society, modern science and technology have evolved to an in-depth and advanced level.  Scientific knowledge is widely propagated, which enables people to gain deeper understanding of nature, society, and mankind.  Correspondingly, many learned individuals, both domestic and overseas, have turned their attention to the study of ancient oriental cultures in an attempt to uncover wisdom that can provide guidance to the advancement of modern science.  One of these ancient oriental cultures is the traditional Chinese culture.  Many Confucius Academies ( Confucius Institutes), as well as their sub branches, have been established all over the world.  To people in many countries, these institutions serve as windows to the study of ancient traditional culture.  Nonetheless, to truly appreciate the ancient Chinese culture, one must gain a sound understand of the ancient Taoism culture and its heath cultivation practice.   Taoism is the root of Chinese culture.

A number of initiatives have taken place to promote Lao Zis theories and Chinese Taoism culture, enhance the awareness of Chinas 5000 years of civilization and wisdom across the global, and facilitate this world treasure to benefit mankind.   In 2008, the Taoism Dragon Gate website ( was opened in North America, which dedicated itself to the introduction of Chinese culture, Taoism culture in particular.  In August 2009, the first Chinese Taoism and Health Cultivation Summer Camp was successfully held in Jinhua, China.  The summer camp was attended by people from dozens of countries all over the world who were interested in Taoism culture and health cultivation.  In response to the active appeal of many learned individuals worldwide who are interested in the study and propagation of ancient Chinese Taoism culture and under their selfless help, also for the purpose of promoting the principle of the immortal path values the living, transcends human being without limit, Lao Zi Academy is now officially registered and established in North America.  The Academy will invite Chinese and overseas experts and scholars specializing in the study and propagating of ancient Chinese Taoism culture and heath cultivation practice, especially those who have achieved advanced degree in Taoism, as well as renowned Taoism practitioners, to proactively promote Taoism culture and heath cultivation methodologies by utilizing modern internet and other science technologies, organizing Taoism culture and heath cultivation summer camps, classes and seminars.  It will serve as a platform for scholars and specialists all over the world who are interested in the study and propagation of Taoism culture, with the aim of growing into a globally influential not-for-profit organization.   Lao Zi Academy is poised to strengthen the cohesiveness of Chinese descendents over the world, promote the exchange and dialog of Chinese and western cultures, and enhance global awareness of the ancient Chinese civilization, Taoism culture and its health cultivation practice in particular, thus serving as a platform for world civilization, science and the course of healthy living of human being, benefiting the entire mankind.

Our Goal

We are looking to preserve and perpetuate the ancient culture, traditions and Daoist heatlh cultivation practices:

- Health cultivation practices: Traditional Herbals, Acupuncture, Tuina Massage, Qi Healing, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Meditation.
- Traditional Arts: Feng Shui, I Ching, Face Reading, Talisman Drawing, Ceremonial Arts, Taoist Music.
- Martial Arts: Internal Kung Fu and Tai Chi, Ancient Longevity and Internal Alchemy.
- Taoist Philosophy.:

Master Wang Liping's story:          The Moscow Dragon

Here's a story I meant to share for some time...
I went to Wang Liping's second Moscow seminar in May-June (to be blogged or otherwise immortalized later). Most of the participants were the same people who had attended his first Moscow seminar a year before. The story I'm going to tell, I didn't witness myself since it happened at the first seminar, but there were about 40 eyewitnesses all telling it more or less the same way, so here it is.Read more...

Master Wang Liping's teaching system :  Lin-Bao Internal Arts

This internal arts system is based on the I-Jing digital and number, beginning from a human bodys point, and then from the point to the surface, from the surface to several lines. This internal art is also called "Mountain Art". It is a complete set of the dual cultivation of body and mind, moving and still practice combination, including the exercises of sitting, lying, and standing, moving, and walking. It forms a tight and complete practice exercises system for the human body cultivation system.Read more...

Practicing for beginners:              Tree Balancing Arts

Balancing Arts are traditional exercises of Taoism moving arts. They had been kept in secret by Taoist qigong masters for centuries and was introduced to the public recently by Wang Liping, one of the most powerful Taoist masters of our time.Read more...

If you would like more information about the materials on this site or about Taoism in general, please visit the Lao Zi Academy Library.

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